Garden Consultation

For those of you who would like to improve your own garden or have an idea of what you would like, but need some initial advice and guidance, this is a simple, good value option.

Garden Consultation

As with the initial stages of a full garden design, we begin with a meeting at your home and garden, which we offer free if the garden is within a 10-mile radius of Sherborne. If you are enquiring for a garden outside this area, we will only charge travel expenses. During this meeting, we will discuss your ideas and wishes. We will also show you examples of our work.

If you would like to proceed, the next step is a consultation visit, for which we charge by the hour, with travel expenses if outside a 10-mile radius of Sherborne, during which we will walk around the garden and look at it as it is, as well as the surrounding landscape, discussing your initial ideas, vision and requirements for your garden. We will also ask you to complete a short questionnaire to ensure that I understand what you want from your garden, your budget, your timescale and other such factors.

From this we will produce a Garden Design Brief summarising our discussion, which outlines the points and features you require, as well as any suggestions we might add. We charge £75 for this. We will then make a return visit to conduct a survey of the garden, which may take half a day, and charges for this range from £200-£500, depending on the size and elevations on site. Depending on the size and complexity of your garden, we may recommend the services of a professional surveyor. At the same time, we will take a soil sample.

We will then provide you with a Concept Plan, including ideas about design, landscaping, such as materials, paths and garden structures, and planting. This will then give you the encouragement and guidance to work on your garden yourselves. Fees for this will depend on the size of the garden and how complicated the design, but we will be able to offer you an estimate.

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